Home of the Copper Cattail Wind Chimes

Wind And Fire Chimes

Congratulations!  You are now the owner of a unique and original, hand crafted work of art.

 Please enjoy your new chimes and have a blessed day.


General Installation Instructions :

Each set includes a Copper installation stake. Hammer the Copper stake into the garden bed or any other ground display. Leave the dirt in the pipe insert the pipe approximately 2 inches into the ground. Any deeper, they won't sway in the wind and any less, and they won't stand up. To adjust the sound to various levels, slide the copper band attached to the rods up and down. Up they will they make less sound sliding down will allow them to swing and chime. 

To change the height of the chimes, acquire a 4  to 10 inch by 1/4 inch copper pipe. Hammer the pipe into the ground, insert a piece of cork into the pipe to secure "shim" the chimes. Adapt the cork as necessary.

The copper cattail chimes can be left out all year long, no matter what the weather. They will patina with age which most people prefer. If you would like to preserve the copper finish, we suggest spraying them with a clear enamel finish.

Warning please handle leaves with care as they have sharp edges.

Other Display Suggestions:

Drift Wood: Drill 1/4" hole into the wood, 2-3 inches deep and place stems into the hole. (Do not use pvc pipe.)

Planter Pots: Fill with sand, river rock, or Quikrete and install per garden bed instructions.

Retaining Wall Block: Stand the block on the narrow, flat (bottom) side and drill a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the top, decorator side of the block. No bigger, no smaller and insert stems. (Do not use pvc pipe with this method.)